Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machines have many parts and over time they will wear and or break. Here is a list of Common Washing Machine Repairs:

  • Problem: Water will not drain from the tub
    • Clogged hose or pump
    • Loose or Broken Drive Belt Shaft
  • Washing Machine is leaking
    • Damaged hose
    • Loose Hose
    • Damaged pump
  • Washing Machine agitator is not working
    • Faulty Drive belt
    • Faulty lid switch
    • Worn or damaged transmission
    • Bad Solenoid
    • A combination of problems could be the cause
  • Washing Machine tub is not spinning, but you hear the motor working.
    • Broken belt
    • Faulty Roller
    • Faulty Motor or damaged pully
  • Washing Machine will not fill with water:
    • Clogged Hose
    • Faulty Lid Switch
    • Faulty water level switch
  • Nothing happens – Washing Machine does not turn on:
    • Power is off
    • Home Fuse was triggered
    • Faulty Power Cord
    • Faulty Lid Switch
    • Faulty Timer Switch
    • Bad or Damaged Start Switch

We fix all of these problems and more.

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