Oven Repair

Oven Repair

Here is a list of Common Oven Repairs:

  • Problem: There is no Heat:
    • Faulty Ignighter
    • Faulty Bake Element
    • Power or Gas line Problem
    • Faulty Oven Control Board
    • Faulty Wire Connections
    • Faulty Relay Board
    • Faulty Valve and Pressure regulator
  • Oven Door Problems
    • Faulty Hinge
    • Broken Latch
    • Broken Handle
    • Broken Glass
  • Uneven Baking:
    • Faulty Bake element
    • Faulty Igniter
    • Faulty Broil Element
    • Faulty Temperature Sensor
    • Faulty Convection Element
    • Faulty Convention Motor
  • Other oven Problems:
    • Oven Light is out
    • Oven temperature problem
    • Oven Broiler is not working
    • Oven self cleaning is not working
    • Oven fan is broken or keeps running

We fix all of these problems and more.

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